Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

September 27,2010

All is well in the Philippines!

Training is difficult but im receiving so much help and strength from my Heavenly Father that i cant complain one bit. Ive improved so much in the last two weeks! I feel like im actually becoming a real missionary now. I can understand people and their concerns and i feel like my language is so smooth in committing and promising blessings to people because im listening to the Spirit for what to say. What an opportunity this is! I love Sister Larsen. She is a hard worker and very funny! She always is making me laugh!!

We had a huge birthday party at a members house (lets just say... they know how to party!), then zone conference (which i was able to receive so much guidance), and then family week celebration at the stake center in Ormoc (which 3 of our investigators went with us!)

The highlight of the week was that we had 8 investigators at church! and they were ALL legit investigators (sometimes random none members show up with their family but have no desire to listen to us missionaries and be converted). It was a happy happy day! I felt so blessed. Im receiving more than i deserve! I just gotta work hard to try pay Heavenly Father back... even tho that is impossible. I wont stop trying tho!

Scripture of the week... Alma 31:5... the gospel is such a powerful thing!!

Sister Carissa Jones

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