Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

January 3, 2011

Well.... This new years at midnight i was asleep... hehe... Hope you all were safe and had a good new years. For new years here in the Philippines they cook a lot of food... then they wait till 12... they yell and dance and light off lots of fireworks. Then they eat their feast at 12... Then when they are done eating they sleep. And then all day on the 1st they eat left overs and lounge around the house. We were able to help a family in the ward have some food to feast on and it was the father's birthday. We had fun with them until we had to be home.

There has been LOTS of rain the passed few days. Literally it rained 24/7 for Saturday and Sunday! Saturday we kinda let it make us lazy and not want to work. At the end of Saturday i wasnt liking my lack of diligence and got pretty down on myself. I was feeling like i was letting the Lord down. I said some humble prayers and then decided that i didnt need to get down on myself. We arent perfect. I realized that i needed to practice what i preach and just take action then dig myself into a pit of guilt. Sister Larsen and I made a commitment to continue this week with full diligence whatever the weather may be. Sunday then came with continual rain and since it had rained all day saturday the puddles were huge and the mud was extra slippery (we almost biffed it a number of times... the angels must have caught us from falling completely!) We huddled under my umbrella in our rain jackets and got lots of work done! This was a total test from our Heavenly Father if we would do what we committed the night before. We pushed through the entire day and felt great and felt we had redeemed ourselves from the day before. We felt the forgiveness and love of God and Jesus Christ. I love the gospel!

Scripture of the week 2 Nephi 28:17... Repentance is ALWAYS available. I have realized recently while reading the scriptures that when it talks about destruction and the grabi doings of the wicked people, after it always mentions repentance and if they repent all will be well! All we need to do is repent!! No matter what the sin is we can be forgiven... check out all the incredible sins in 3 Nephi 30! Just be humble and repent... its a great gift!

I love you all!!!

Gugma Daghan
Sister Jones

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