Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Friday, March 25, 2011

March 21, 2011

We thought wrong about not getting affected from the Earthquake! Our weather was so so SO intense this week. Im not joking... it rained non-stop from tuesday till saturday. And then it also rained sunday. And im not just talking a light rainfall... i mean BUCKETS! The entire Tacloban area was flooded. Even other areas in region 8 were bad. Mainly all the little areas around Tacloban were way bad though. I never knew what a flood meant until this week. Our area was the worst out of all the office areas. V&G is classic for flooding when we get lots of rain.. but that flood is like 2 or 3 inches in the road. By Wednesday night there was a foot of water in the road and the really bad part of V&G was 1 meter high! The highest the standing water reached was by Thursday morning. Even tho it continued to rain, the water slowly went down. Only the really bad parts are still a little flooded but those evacuated were able to move back in today. We had landslides in some areas too!... so many people were evacuated because of the flood. Our apartment owner said he was lived here for 7 years and there has never been standing water outside on the road. Outside our house there was almost a foot on thursday morning! Another lady in the ward said that this is the worst in 30 years! Only one other time it was high but not to the point of evacuation.

On wednesday night we decided to go contact an old investigator but soon found that God sent us in that direction for another purpose. We spent 30 minute helping our bishop and his family move mattresses and other belongings to the empty upstairs apartment that their house i attached to. When we got there the rain was only like a few inches outside and just starting to come into their house. The youngest boy was brushing it off the porch with a broom. After those 30 min the water was 2 inches throughout the entire house! It was rising SO fast! We were drenched and stopped by the Malits to get some hot water to wash our skin (cause there are diseases in standing water). We had no stove at that time to heat water cause we are still getting all moved in to the new apartment. They were so nice and fed us a yummy dinner and then drove us home (even tho we live down the street) By that time the water in the road had gone from 3 inches to 6!

The next days were crazy! We tramped through the flooded streets trying to help people. Sister Blonquist got some cute purple rain boots! None fit me... guess all the filipinos got to those sizes first.. hehe. On saturday we went around with members and delivered relief goods to families that were affected and needed help. It was awesome! I love helping people!

Sometimes riding on the pot2xs were like we were in a water park! It was super fun and all Sister Blonquist and i did was laugh! It was like we were in the ocean as we rode and walked around! Waves were created from the cars and other pot2xs. They even washed up on us a couple times and we got soaked! Sister Blonquist and I joked all week saying, "Hey!... its raining!"

Made enchaladas for lunch for all us missionaries in our ward... oh my... mmm, mmm, mmm... SO GOOD! It was a nice perk to the crazy week for us all!

Scripture of the week... Alma 37:38-47. this week i compared the Liahona to a patriarchal blessing... pretty cool!

Gugma gad!
Sister Carissa Jones

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Well i didnt say much last week so ill review...

It was transfer week and man was that crazy but exciting! Sister Blonquist and I are still together thankfully! We love each other... he. But with being in the office we got lots of calls and questions and were able to see how stressful it is for the assistants. Luckily we were able to help them chill out by helping to add a little humor to the stress :) We all get along so well. Sister Blonquist and I are always saying, "I hope that the elders have the same idea about us all being best friends after the mission!" haha. We love the elders. Such great examples they are to us!

I received great news when transfers were announced! Im gonna be a lola!! (which means the sister i trained is training!) My apo (grandchild) is filipina. Her name is Sister Manzano. Sister Larsen was freaking out when she was told she would be training. I called her and we talked and i told her that she was more than ready! We just talked earlier today too and she seems to be great! When you train you grow so much because you have a lot on your shoulders. Also, Heavenly Father is able to show you just how much you actually DO know that you didnt realize before. My most favorite text that i received from Sister Larsen this week was something like, "Sister Jones, thank you so much for being my nanay! Sorry i got frustrated when you would fall asleep during nightly planning sessions! I know how you feel now... its so exhausting!!" haha... oh i love the mission!

So this week...

#1... our investigator Joey is doing amazing! He came to church for the second time yesterday and loves it! We passed by on saturday morning and saw him our reading pamphlets and the Book of Mormon! There is no greater sight for a missionary! Sister Blonquist and I just looked at each other and smiled. We love Joey. He is so prepared and has such a great support system already. Being on a mission makes me want to be the best fellowshipper after the mission. All i want to do when i get home is work with the missionaries!! Joey is getting bapstized on April 2 and makes amazing progress at every visit! (we've only visited 4 times so far but it feels like we have known him for a lifetime!) People like Joey make the mission all worth it!!

#2... As for other investigators... we are meeting some interesting people. Most dont want to continue or are just too crazy to continue. There are so many stories but the best one from these past two weeks is we happened to meet two different men that voiced to us that they want 3 FAMILIES! The first said it in front of his wife in a lesson... she was disgusted but put up with it.We asked this man, before the prayer, what he wanted because we always do that so we can pray for those things that they want in their life. He straight up said, with no hesitation, "i want 3 families!, money, etc.." S. Blonquist then turns to me and whispers under her breath... "you're praying!" haha. I did but definately didnt ask Heavenly Father that this man could have 3 families.
During the lesson the man spoke english to us and kept standing up and pointing his finger at me and calling me a "he" while he was talking to S. Blonquist. (there is no gender difference in these languages so when they speak english they call girls "he" and boys "she".) He had something against me... maybe cause i stood up in the lesson and asked him to sit down cause we dont want to fight and when he stands its like we are fighting with each other. That wasnt a good idea... but S. Blonquist saved me... that is why there are two of us!
The next man was on a jeepney ride home... this ride lasted 30 min... What a LONG 30 min! First off, he kept going off about lots of things to us. Then we tried to calm it down by asking about his family, which just made things more crazy. He flat our said that one family is good, two families are better and three families are best!! We told him no and that is very very wrong but he was set on his idea. I thought actually he was going to kiss S. Blonquist, he was so close to her face. And as a missionary you just dont even know what to do... those situations are EXTRA AWKWARD!! But we made it out alive.
Sister Blonquist has a good theory... since we met two men in one week that want specifically 3 families. They have their one right... then these two beautiful americanas come in... and that makes 3! sick!

#3...This week was what we call "puntastic". We literally didnt teach once on thursday or friday cause we just kept getting punted! We werent happy but tried to stay positive... You can never give up! Cause the work is not yet done!!

#4...Guess what!? We got an apartment in Tacloban! We are so excited. It is brand new! And smell like new. Its like all fresh construction (so i think of Dad every time i walk in and smile!) We are moving in today actually so tonight will be the first night. YAY! Its literally down the block from the Malits and the mission office! We love it already!
Today we got the best pay back ever! We are always making the office elders treats and they are always like "we will get you back sisters!" And today was the day! They successfully pulled off the the ultimate mission. They made us PEACH COBBLER! They asked Sister Malit to use their oven in the mission home. They put it on our desk in the office and we were speechless! I cant even describe how yummy it was and how thankful we were! BEST DAY EVER!! (these elders know how to cook!!)... THANKS ELDER HAWKES and ELDER BINGHAM!!

#5...So the Earthquake and Tsunami...
The earthquake in Japan we here was huge! 8.2 or something yeah? There is a member in Japan that was from Albuera and i pray that she is ok and wasnt harmed! On friday we received a text from President Malit about the earthquake and that we were on a #2 tsunami alert. The tsunami was predicted to be 1 meter which could do some damage so he was keeping us updated along with all the other people on the streets. Luckily the tsunami never actually hit the Philippines so its ok! We just got buckets and buckets of rain! Like im not kidding, BUCKETS! Our whole area was flooded. We walked all day saturday in water up to our knees! Also the poor little pot2x drivers are pedaling their bikes and the pedals are under the water! Sister Blonquist and i decided that it was like being in a water park all day! haha! We got drenched but it was an unforgettable experience!

So im alive and very healthy so no need to worry! I love you all and hope you are all doing great! Pray for those people in japan, hawaii, and california.

Scripture of the week... Genesis 26: 6-10 (i think)... i got to explain the word "sporting" (vs. 8) to a filipino elder earlier today... haha


Sister Carissa Jones

February 28, 2011

Is there something faster than flying? cause whatever that is, that is what is happening to the time on the mission! WOW!

This week was AMAZING! Really busy.. of course but nothing is better than being busy busy busy as a missionaryo! We travelled and did more training and then worked with 3 different companionships. Its so great to work with the other sisters and learn from them. I learn so much about the work too cause the Spirit is different depending on how the work is being done and is really felt. I got to work with Sister Laddaran from Hong Kong... well she was born in the Philippines, then lived in Paris then worked teaching english in Japan and Hong Kong and some other places. She arrive two weeks ago but is such a great missionary! I love when you meet people on the mission and you just click (other missionaries or just anyone). Sister Blonquist and i were talking about this and what a blessing it is to be here and serve here. The mission is full of tender mercies from the Lord as He allows us to be reunited with our friends from the life before. I feel my Savior's love!

We actually got to do some tracting and work in Tacloban this week!!! YAY! Sister Blonquist and i were beyond stoked... you have no idea! We were probably the two happiest people in the world. I love love love being a missionary! Sometimes during lessons ill just get this thot like, "MAN... you LOVE this! This feels so good!"

Sister Blonquist and i literally have the same brain... its insane. We always will turn to the other person to say something... always seems to start as a question tho to like lead into what you want to talk about (its a missionary habit) but as soon as you ask the question the other will be like, umm yay... blah blah blah... and its exactly what the other was thinking. We laugh so hard all the time about how we are always on the same page! Like even random stuff like riding on the jeepney and asking, "So what do you think about so and so" and then the other saying, "i was JUST thinking that!" Or "I just figured out why i came to the Philippines!" and then the other person says the exact reason cause you just noticed the same thing happen! I just love her! We have a blast! Heavenly Father loves us too! an extra funny... Sister Blonquist spent 30 min of MCM picking lice eggs out of my hair!... oh yeah, mom... i have lice! eww

Scripture of the week 2 Nephi 32. Its been used a lot this week to help the people we taught! Such a short chapter but so full of great information if you take the time to study!

I love you all so much!!

Sister Carissa Jones