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Mission Call

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Friday, March 25, 2011

March 21, 2011

We thought wrong about not getting affected from the Earthquake! Our weather was so so SO intense this week. Im not joking... it rained non-stop from tuesday till saturday. And then it also rained sunday. And im not just talking a light rainfall... i mean BUCKETS! The entire Tacloban area was flooded. Even other areas in region 8 were bad. Mainly all the little areas around Tacloban were way bad though. I never knew what a flood meant until this week. Our area was the worst out of all the office areas. V&G is classic for flooding when we get lots of rain.. but that flood is like 2 or 3 inches in the road. By Wednesday night there was a foot of water in the road and the really bad part of V&G was 1 meter high! The highest the standing water reached was by Thursday morning. Even tho it continued to rain, the water slowly went down. Only the really bad parts are still a little flooded but those evacuated were able to move back in today. We had landslides in some areas too!... so many people were evacuated because of the flood. Our apartment owner said he was lived here for 7 years and there has never been standing water outside on the road. Outside our house there was almost a foot on thursday morning! Another lady in the ward said that this is the worst in 30 years! Only one other time it was high but not to the point of evacuation.

On wednesday night we decided to go contact an old investigator but soon found that God sent us in that direction for another purpose. We spent 30 minute helping our bishop and his family move mattresses and other belongings to the empty upstairs apartment that their house i attached to. When we got there the rain was only like a few inches outside and just starting to come into their house. The youngest boy was brushing it off the porch with a broom. After those 30 min the water was 2 inches throughout the entire house! It was rising SO fast! We were drenched and stopped by the Malits to get some hot water to wash our skin (cause there are diseases in standing water). We had no stove at that time to heat water cause we are still getting all moved in to the new apartment. They were so nice and fed us a yummy dinner and then drove us home (even tho we live down the street) By that time the water in the road had gone from 3 inches to 6!

The next days were crazy! We tramped through the flooded streets trying to help people. Sister Blonquist got some cute purple rain boots! None fit me... guess all the filipinos got to those sizes first.. hehe. On saturday we went around with members and delivered relief goods to families that were affected and needed help. It was awesome! I love helping people!

Sometimes riding on the pot2xs were like we were in a water park! It was super fun and all Sister Blonquist and i did was laugh! It was like we were in the ocean as we rode and walked around! Waves were created from the cars and other pot2xs. They even washed up on us a couple times and we got soaked! Sister Blonquist and I joked all week saying, "Hey!... its raining!"

Made enchaladas for lunch for all us missionaries in our ward... oh my... mmm, mmm, mmm... SO GOOD! It was a nice perk to the crazy week for us all!

Scripture of the week... Alma 37:38-47. this week i compared the Liahona to a patriarchal blessing... pretty cool!

Gugma gad!
Sister Carissa Jones

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