Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

February 28, 2011

Is there something faster than flying? cause whatever that is, that is what is happening to the time on the mission! WOW!

This week was AMAZING! Really busy.. of course but nothing is better than being busy busy busy as a missionaryo! We travelled and did more training and then worked with 3 different companionships. Its so great to work with the other sisters and learn from them. I learn so much about the work too cause the Spirit is different depending on how the work is being done and is really felt. I got to work with Sister Laddaran from Hong Kong... well she was born in the Philippines, then lived in Paris then worked teaching english in Japan and Hong Kong and some other places. She arrive two weeks ago but is such a great missionary! I love when you meet people on the mission and you just click (other missionaries or just anyone). Sister Blonquist and i were talking about this and what a blessing it is to be here and serve here. The mission is full of tender mercies from the Lord as He allows us to be reunited with our friends from the life before. I feel my Savior's love!

We actually got to do some tracting and work in Tacloban this week!!! YAY! Sister Blonquist and i were beyond stoked... you have no idea! We were probably the two happiest people in the world. I love love love being a missionary! Sometimes during lessons ill just get this thot like, "MAN... you LOVE this! This feels so good!"

Sister Blonquist and i literally have the same brain... its insane. We always will turn to the other person to say something... always seems to start as a question tho to like lead into what you want to talk about (its a missionary habit) but as soon as you ask the question the other will be like, umm yay... blah blah blah... and its exactly what the other was thinking. We laugh so hard all the time about how we are always on the same page! Like even random stuff like riding on the jeepney and asking, "So what do you think about so and so" and then the other saying, "i was JUST thinking that!" Or "I just figured out why i came to the Philippines!" and then the other person says the exact reason cause you just noticed the same thing happen! I just love her! We have a blast! Heavenly Father loves us too! an extra funny... Sister Blonquist spent 30 min of MCM picking lice eggs out of my hair!... oh yeah, mom... i have lice! eww

Scripture of the week 2 Nephi 32. Its been used a lot this week to help the people we taught! Such a short chapter but so full of great information if you take the time to study!

I love you all so much!!

Sister Carissa Jones

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