Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

October 25, 2010

Hello hello hello Family!!

This week was exciting! Lots of busy adventures! I know my emails are getting smaller and smaller but it just means im working harder and harder!

We had a great baptism on Saturday and will have another this coming Saturday. The Mesias family (mother and 3 of her daughters) were baptize and it was very special. All week the girls would tell us how excited they were for their baptism on Saturday when we would bisita them. And Gina, the mom, had trouble sleeping the two night before the baptism cause she was so anxious! The husband is very shy and has not yet been taught but we prayed so hard that he would attend the baptism and he did! YAY!!

I cooked a bunch of Filipino food for a bunch of Filipinos... SCARY!!!! But they all said it was good so i think i passed... hehe.

We had lots of appointments fall through this week and we prayed about where to go because nothing seemed to be working. Once we went in this little abandoned cement thing and offered a prayer. It was pretty cool.

I had a really touching and testimony building experience this week as well on Friday afternoon. We are teaching this older couple and they are relatives of a member family. The sister is not very open and is very content with her catholic religion. I look back at the lesson and still cant think of how what happened, happened. I began to speak VERY bold and everything that i said in cebuano flowed liked cebuano has never flowed before! I remember even thinking while i was speaking, "what are you saying!? what is going on!?" i was completely overwhelmed by the Spirit. I dont know how, but he had complete control of my mouth. Then as i began to testify i was so overwhelmed that i began to cry and it was very difficult to not bawl my eyes out. Everything i said was so true and the Holy Ghost testified to me, through me. What an amazing and unforgettable experience. The Church of JesusChrist of Latter-day Saints is the true church on earth and there is no other. The priesthood power of God is real and was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. We are so blessed!

Scripture of the week!... Proverbs 28:25... (this is why im getting fat...haha)

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