Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

November 15, 2010

Hello again... i still love being a missionary!

So this week... hmm... we always have fun, interesting experiences. One was on Sat... we were going to pick up Annalyn to go to her baptism and we ran into a big group of people. They always say hi and lots of other things, one because filipinos just talk and say hi to everyone... so friendly!, and two because we are white. But one of them was acutally from america and had a very american accent so we went over to talk to them. He was born in the Phils. but grew up in california and is here visiting family. It was kinda strange trying to do the whole missionary thing in english to someone from the states. I realized i know how to be a missionary in cebuano and to filipinos but not really in english to americans.. haha.

We had a great baptism and Annalyn was so happy. She has been being taught for a year. I felt so good as i saw her be baptized. We finally were able to help her get to church and establish pagsimba as a part of her life.

A less active family that we visited this week finally came back to church! They have been inactive for a long time and really havent had desire to come back but as we visited them we had an amazing lesson where the Spirit was really able to touch their hearts. And then on Sunday when we saw them come into the church we were so happy! I really am nothing without the Spirit. Thats really why their are so many rules and guidelines for missionaries. We have to be worthy of the Spirit or we are worthless. There are so many temptations in this world and, of course, Satan will fight the work of the Lord, so we must be careful. As i feel the Spirit and see the blessings that come to others through this work it makes me WANT to follow and look for more i can do to be worthy... not just follow cause i have to. I hope that will be something i can continue after the mission as well. I will desire to follow and look for more rather than just settle for what i am told to do.

scripture of the week: 1 Nephi 13:37

Naghigugma ko ninyong tanan ug naa mo sa kanunay sa akong pagampo. Kini mao ang trabaho sa Ginoo ug malipayon gud ko sa pagalagad kaniya isip usa ka misionaryo! Nasayud nako nga bantayan ta sa Dios ug makalahutay ta sa tanan nga mga butang pinaagi ni Kristo. Ayaw kabalaka... padayon lang gud!

Gugma Daghan!
Sister Carissa Jones

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