Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

November 8, 2010

Well this week was great! We have been struggling the last few weeks and i was getting really discouraged! But then we had a fast this Sunday. I chose that this was going to be a monumental fast for me and many miracles would happen. WOW was i right! Because of our faith and trust in the Lord, our fast brought tons of blessings! I love my Heavenly Father! We had 7 of our investigators at church and some less actives! We were stoked to see our attendence at 107 (usually 80's). Testimony meeting was amazing too! I had a very spiritual Sunday. And we sang my favorite hymn! Because I Have Been Given Much...

This week i ate Balut! And i actually really liked it. There are different stages... Day 10 is same as a hardboiled egg... and Day 19 is the full duckling with feathers. I ate a 17... it was a little duckling but no feathers yet. So my next will be a 19. I will send pics next week cause i forgot to bring my card reader for my camera to send pics.

Scripture of the Week... Mosiah 3:17

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