Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

January 10, 2011

I think every day in my journal ive written 2010... oops...

Lets call this week a wet dog week cause pretty positive that is what i have looked like every day! The rain has been absolutely none stop since last saturday! (so 10 days)... and yes, it is raining right now as i type. P.S. my keyboard is broken so if i miss any mistakes its not my poor english its the computer.

So with all the rain Sister Larsen bought a new ubrella. Then one day we were walking and got into a convo with a nice little lady selling ice cream. It began to rain...of course and i knew her how was far so i gave her my ubrella. This was especially funnny becuase Sister Larsens ubrella was a mini one. So us two with our bags were waddling under this little ubrella... we had some good laughs!

We have been humbled by incredibly poor conditions here lately. I cant even believe how some people manage in the 5 by 5 hut with 4 people. Their poor conditions but humility really humbles me. I thank God every day for all my many blessings!

So we have soe really really great investigators. One family in particular. The husband is a member but has been less active. We began teaching his wife. They have two ADORABLE kids! (4 and 2). Wow i just love them so much. I get so exctied for the days that we get to visit them. We can see how much more exctied they get everytime we visit. At first Sister was shy and hesitant but now she laughs and is so excited to be baptized! They are especailly excited becasue they are excited to go to the temple and be sealed as a family! This desire has helped her desire to be baptized grow tons! The little kids just love us too and i wish i could bring them home with me! I love the gospel and how it truly changes lives.

We also are teaching this wonderful little kid... he has NO attention span what so ever! But this last week he has really improved and he actually focused long enough to say the closing prayer of a lesson! We were SO excited. As we make the gospel more real and fun for him, he loves to learn! The gospel is a very serious thing but it can be fun too. It has to be! It is our life, our road... and of course Heavenly Father wants us to enjoy our journey! I sure love the gospel and love living it! Sister Larsen recently asked me what will i do when i go home and everyone tells me how weird i am!?... she notices how weird i am cause i always connect everything to a gospel principle... she gets a kick out of it. I kinda do to. Its crazy how much i have changed but i love all the changes. i told her that i will tell them its ok if they think im weird. I know who i am and am completely comfortable standing up for what i have learned. I dont want to have this mission be for nothing. These changes are life long changes. Dont worry... im still cool... haha.

Here is the scripture of the week.... inspired by a lesson we taught where there was a gay person and a lesbian. Its amazing how when you listen to the Spirit, he will tell you all you need to say so that the message is received well for whoever you are teaching... 3 Nephi 18:18-25
And also another inspired scripture we used. The lesson went from the girl being to busy to take the discussions to "can i come to church next sunday!?"... 2 Nephi 2:27-30.

Love you all and miss ya tons!

Gugma Gud!
Sister Carissa Jones

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