Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 20, 2010

Well i sure do have responsibility!! Im in the office doing the flight plans!! What a shocker... i know! I couldnt even believe it... im the first sister in the office. Ok... joke-lang! Im not in the office... that would be funny... a sister in the office. Ok for reals tho. My new phase of the mission is being a trainer! Yep i have an anak (child in cebuano). Her name is Sister Larsen. She is from Orem and went to BYU for 3 years. She speaks french so sometimes she gets cebuano and french mixed up haha. She is amazing. I feel so blessed to have such a great greeny in my hands. I have been praying for her! She loves to run!! What a blessing... we are going running every morning!! We have been together 3 days now and we have done good. It makes things more difficult both being american. I am so used to having a filipina and if i dont understand at least my companion can. I have been blessed to have been able to understand the concerns of all the investigators and members. What a gift the Holy Ghost is. Im learning to listen much better!! I feel like there is a HUGE weight on my shoulders but i also really feel the help of the Savior making it lighter! I cant even explain how much help and guidance i am receiving. The filipinos are now trying to trick me with fair prices and such but i reassure them that im not dumb and i know how it works. Its funny to see their faces as i speak cebuano. I love being a missionary.

Sorry the email is short but i gotta be obedient and be an example to my anak!! I love her!

And i love you all!!

Sister Carissa Jones

Mom's Personal email...
Im SO excited for Jordan! I sent him a letter last week! Tell him congrats and i expect a letter from him since he has lots of time before he leaves. Even tho it is a while this will give him time to prepare and study!!

Love that the chiefs are doing so good! Elder Stringham and i have little arguments about the chiefs and broncos...

I bet the lunch was so fun! So many of the missionaries have talked about it with me cause all their moms loved it!

WOW 150 burpees... what more can i say!

Thanksgiving will be so special with all you together! Im really happy!

Love you so much! You are the best!!

Gugma Daghan

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  1. Dear Sister Carissa,
    I know it will be somewhat difficult for you to imagine that I have thought about writing you and actually have done so twice, but the blogging world doesn't like me too much and so this is my initial leap into this medium. How are you? I thought of you quite a bit the other day as I realized Christmas was just around the corner and you were here last year. Man, where did that year go? Tammy and I will travel to Utah county tonight for the reception and festivities. Sounds to me that Andrew is sufficiently smitten. He's a great kid and even though I haven't seen him much in the past 3-4months, I love him like a son. Your parents have been blessed with warm, charismatic children. They are fortunate people. Sounds like the work is moving along for you? I imagine you acclimated enough now to know your way around there, any surprises? How's your health and companions? That seems to be the key. We are all good here and anticipating a full house for Christmas. I hope yours is joyful, bright and a unique blessing n your life. The Church is true....We love ya, Ralph & Tammy