Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

August 23, 2010

Scripture of the week... This morning i read Mosiah 24 and remembered how much i love that chapter!
Highlight of the week... We were treading through a field and it was SUPER muddy... i lost my shoe... twice! haha. I love the mission! When things get tough the best thing to do is laugh!! We laugh a lot! haha
Sister Jones

Some of Mom's personal email....
I love those really spiritual uplifting days on the mission. When you really feel the love of Heavenly Father, nothing is better. We really do belong to the one and only true church of Christ. How blessed we are!
normal week of lessons is 30 maybe. Every transfer is 6 weeks. this is my 2nd transfer here in albuera and my 4th transfer of the mission. The next transfer will start Sept 13. and then every 6 weeks from there, so you can keep track. I dont wear long sleeves to escape the sun.. i love the sun. I wear them on colder days... in america these "colder days" wouldnt be cold but they are cold here... haha. My body is learning to be filipino! haha. Im not that incredibly dark cause we are for the most part we are teaching and covered from the sun. The bugs are in abunance so they are great... im learning to deal with them better and come to terms with having not so attractive legs.
Gugma Daghan
Sister Carissa Jones

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