Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 16, 2010

Well it was a great week! i think i say that every week but oh well... its truth!

Sigi so... we were busy and we are already seeing blessings from our constant go go go! We taught 43 lessons this week! WOW!! And 7 investigators were at church, not counting the 7 kids that belong to the families that are under 8yrs old. Sunday was a good day and a great testimony to me of this work. Saturday morning was a struggle moment for some reason but Heavenly Father picked me right up and answered my prayers that i didnt think He was answering. What a loving Father in heaven we have!!

We have a new family investigating. We have only had 3 lessons and the love i feel for them already is undescribable! They are the family with the little girl who calls me a real life barbie doll. We had a great lesson with them this week. They have been reading the Book of Mormon together and praying! Glen even told us the story they read. They are awesome and we promised that God WILL answer their prayers! I have no doubt about that. The promise in Moroni 10 is 100% true! Its worked for me and God doesnt love me more than He does His other children. Sharing my testimony about these principles and how they have worked in my own personal life is one of the best ways to bring the Spirit.
So, they werent at church, which they said they would come so at 930 we rode out to their place to pick them up. Glen (the dad) was sitting reading the Book of Mormon, which put a smile on our faces... Since they had woken up late they were shy to come to church late. We told them it was ok and we would help them get the 3 little kids ready to go... They wouldnt let us help but said they would get ready and come. We went back and waited and they showed right before sacrament meeting!
Also another mother with her kids showed up that is investigating. We werent expecting her because we know how shy she is. That was a super happy surprise!!! We have been praying for her to progress and she is!!

It was SUPER hot this week and no rain so not fun but im getting surprising use to the heat and even where long sleeved shirts... which surprises me that i dont die. Maybe im becoming Filipino! YAY!

Love you all and miss you tons of course!
Keep praying and studying the scriptures...
Sis Jones

scripture of the week

almost forgot...

Ether 2:25... try to apply it to life... what can you come up with?


  1. i miss sister jones and love her soooo much!

  2. Hey baby sis! Missin you tons. I've wanted to call you a bunch of times this year but unfortunately its not possible, so I better be the first person you call when you get off the plane. Can't wait to see you when you get home. I'll be prayin for you, and I'm so proud of you for what you're doin over there. Love you!