Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 9, 2010

WOW... thank you for the pics! I loved them all! Especially the one of the family with Kristin and Nick. Made me teary tho... not sure if im gonna want pics of Andrew and Stacey's wedding. We will see when the time comes tho. I got Kristins announcement today. It was beautiful. Im glad her reception was well even tho it was hot. Thank you also for sticking up for me.. haha... Those boys, those boys. Of course they all wanted to just go to Texas.. haha. I miss them... including Kyle. Was Stacey there at the reception? I love all the gifts you got for them... sounds perfect!

Im also excited for Cloey to go to school at ISU. Maybe ill change and go there and live with Grandma... haha. That was a joke... but could be serious someday.. hmm...

Let Grandma know i got two of her letters and loved them! Also i got letters from Amber, Kyle and Randi. Loved hearing from them all!!

Well mom, i dont have much time so im not sending a general email about my week. Just know it was great and im really growing spiritually. Today i spent 4 hours washing clothes... i didnt wash them all last week so i had more than usual! Im very tired and already feel the soreness in my forearms! hehe. It will be weird to use a washing machine again. Ill do all the handwashing clothes when i come home! Im pro!... well almost. haha.

The highlight of my week was going to a school and teaching 5 mothers. There is a little place for mothers to sit while their kids are in class and the wife of our ward mission leader goes there and she said the mothers had questions about mormons. We had one of the most spiritual lessons yet! It was amazing and we have return appts with them all! We already met with 2 of them again yesterday! One family is awesome and ready! Their little 3yr old daughter stares at me and they told me that after that first day at the school she went home and told her dad about me... that she met and played with a real life barbie doll! haha... how cute huh!!?
Mom... you are in charge of sharing the scripture of the week with the family cause you are the only one getting this info... 3 Nephi 18:25... Christ asks us to come to Him. If we dont we allow ourselves to to tempted. I know as we work to walk towards Christ the temptations in life will seem not so hard. Yes Satan targets us harder but if we are closer to Christ we are stronger too! We need not fear.

Well i love ya tons!!

Gugma Daghan
Your Daughter, Carissa

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