Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

June 28, 2010

Well hello family! I dont have tons of time to email but here is my exciting news for the week... I got transferred!!!! I was super sad to leave Naval and saying goodbye to our investigators was hard but it was great to be in Tacloban for a day and see lots of mission friends! Also I LOVE MY NEW AREA AND COMPANION!!! Wow... i cant even explain how much i love it! My companion is S. Barroca (a Filipina) and we are serving in Albuera (so check it out on the mission map i sent home). We have a ward here and they are awesome! Everyone we visit is super nice and fun. We have dinner appointments like crazy. One of the recent converts, Haidie and her family, feed us whenever we want. Literally they would feed us every meal of every day. Our bishop is super nice... except he asked me to speak on sunday that first night i arrived (which was thurs night)... haha. My talk went ok. I realized that i know the language better than i thought. Ive been able to communicate pretty well with people and S. Barroca and the people im talking to are super good at helping me when i dont understand a word. They are SO nice!! Sometime S. Barroca doesnt know a word in english she just explains it using other cebuano words which is super helpful in learning the language (she isnt amazing at english... but she is better at english than i am at cebuano). We speak much more cebuano in the apt than S. Taperla and i ever did so i feel this transfer i will progress a lot. Also, in this area im learning what being a real missionary is! S. Taperla was a great trainer for me but this is a good change. S. Barroca and mine companionship studies, prayers and teaching is so much closer to the Lord. We sing together and kneel to pray and hug each other after we pray and tell each other we love each other every night. I may sound like a 5 yr old but this is just awesome! I feel the Spirit all the time... i feel like a missionary. I mean i did before too but now its even more than i realized i could feel. Im so grateful for the Savior's love and this opportunity i have in Albuera. Sorry, i literally have no time cause we have an appt but i will write more in detail about our work next week! Just know that we are working hard and im doing great!! And most of all... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!
Sister Jones

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