Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 6, 2010

Well the work is amazing! This is the last week of this transfer and we are almost positive that i will be getting a new companion but will be staying in Albuera. I will REALLY miss S. Barroca! President has been talking with me a lot about my cebuano and if i can teach all the lessons so i might become a senior companion. We will see... we will find out next tuesday (the 14th).

Happiest news is that we will have a baptism on the 14th! We just got permission from President to move the baptism up of the Gadil couple (Glen and Ivy) so that it will be before transfers. They really want S. Barroca to witness their baptism. They are the most amazing investigators and were really prepared by the Lord. This last week we have been teaching them all the laws and commandments. They accepted the Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity and Law of Tithing with NO hesitation! They already know that the church is true and are willing to do anything to bring their lives in line with the gospel doctrines. I love them SO much! Their 3 little kids are just adorable and love us... maybe its cause we always bring them candy tho... haha. Glen bore his testimony yesterday and it was by far the best one given... and there were some great testimonies given. He said to anyone investigating to not doubt because its true! I dont think there are words to describe the feelings you get from missionary work! I think about the language we will speak in the eternities and i think only that language contains these kinds of words!

We have some other good new couples and families. One really cool experience this week... We were punted and so decided to go somewhere where we hadnt planned to go... none of the investigators or members were home so as we were walking out people were calling to us. At first we didnt pay attention because this is nothing new... someone is always yelling "sisters!" or "mormons!" But then a girl came walking behind us and told us that they wanted us to go meet them. Of course we decided at that time that we needed to go meet them. It was a mother, Gina, and she has been taught by missionaries before a long time ago. She was beyond excitment to meet us! We got this burst of energy (remember we had just been punted multiple times). We didnt even have to invite her to church... she said she would be there before we even said anything about it. And she did show up to church! And brought a friend that is interested in the church as well! WOW!! Miracle do happen and Heavenly Father knows exactly where we are at all times! I love being a missionary!!

Scripture of the week... Ecclessiates 7:16 and 7:3 (just some funny ones that Sister Barroca and i read... we had a good laugh... hmmm)

Sister Carissa Jones

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