Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Possibly the last email... YIKES!

How do i even express how i feel right now as it all rolls to an end... AMBOT!

What a week we had and what a week we have ahead of us! Staying busy is the only way to go! As ive said my entire mission with my batch from the MTC, "go big or go home!" ... now that we are going home its more like..."youre going home so go big!"

We had a super awesome family home evening last monday where we made a piggy bank for them to save money to go to the temple. We let Sister give us pedicures so we could help them get started. It was fun to decorate the container with pics from the Liahona and then watch them put their first 25 pisos into the bank with smiling faces! :) The mission is so rewarding!

So i said how we went hiking last monday... oh my... ive never been so sore in my life... i think. Sister Manzano and i were dying that night. Our legs were throbbing like crazy. Walking was impossible but we had to if we wanted to go home. What an experience!

I traveled to Tacloban with Sister Larsen on Thursday cause she had a doktors appt and i had my exit interview with President Malit. We had quite the fun time at the hospital. Then i think my interview was an hour... maybe longer. Everyone laughs at me cause im known for taking forever in interviews... oops. i dont mind though. I have been able to develop a great relationship with my mission president, President Malit. He helped me so much this week. He helped me figure out for myself that im ready. I am strong. I can face the challenges ahead.

On friday and sat we had our giant zone conference/farewell ni President Malit and his family. Friday morning all us departing missionaries this transfer did a day with President and Sister Malit. SO MUCH FUN! Then in the afternoon we started conference with all missionaries! We did presentations and sat we had testimonies. I managed to not cry! What a success. My prayers were answered cause i knew it was going to be way difficult if i started the whole crying business. I was the last of the 17 of us going home to bear my testimony. What a spiritual meeting that was. There is so much more i could share about it but ill keep it short and just say it was awesome! I was so happy to be able to see everyone again right before i leave the mission.

President was so nice to allow us 4 sisters to stay sat night so we could see the baptism of Beth. Sister Quimson and i found her and she is amazing! The baptism was very tender moment. Sister Quimson and i were the on the spot speakers but it was awesome and i felt so privileged! I love Beth! Since we stayed we werent able to go home till Sunday morning.That was an experience!! Man... our church service is 8 to 11. We left Tacloban at 530am... we arrive in Calabyog at 1030am! I had the van take us directly to the church... we carried our suitcases into the church, ran upstairs and walked into sacrament meeting. It was pretty funny when the 4 sister missionaries all walk in late... awesome examples! I was sad that we missed sacrament and the other meetings but as i sat on the bench listening to the talks i realized how grateful i was to be there, even if it was only 30 min.! So many people came to church too... it was the highest attendance so far! 123! :)

Scripture of the week, Jacob 5:71. As i go into my last week im giving it all i got! If i do i know i will have blessings/the fruit of my labors waiting for me. Im so grateful that ive been able to serve a mission here in the Philippines. Heavenly is real and Jesus Christ lives! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church on this earth. i have no doubts!

Gugma gad!
Sister Carissa Jones

P.S. Might not be able to email next monday... if not... see you soon! AHH

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