Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

May 23, 2011


This week was great...

The Santa Cruzans will last all of May so the work will continue to be a little up in the air.

We found awesome investigators this week and im so excited for them! The 2 really good ones came to church! YAY!! Sunday feels so successful when your investigators and returning members are at church!

There were lots of white people at church... it was kinda the joke of the day! Like seriously lots. I talked to one after sacrament. His name is Henry and is super cool He is from Baltimore and is just has been working here. He goes back to Amerika today. He is episcapalian (dont know how to spell) and he just wanted to see the church and learn what it was like. He said the one thing he would want to know is what the main difference is between us and other churches. It was so fun to share to him about the restoration! I explained the Priesthood and living prophets and that is the greatest difference. It was really difficult to teach in english... everything was coming to my brain in waray waray! But Heavenly Father helped me. I hope i was able to plant a seed and he will continue his search back in Amerika!

So last week we made this deal that we would only walk everywhere on Sundays. We felt like we were encouraging working on Sundays and that would be breaking the Sabbath Day. So... last week wasnt to bad cause we stayed pretty close to the house. But this week we WERE NOT thinking when we scheduled appointments. We literally went from one end to the other and then back. We had 3 ward missionaries with us... who were dying but still laughing about it. Thats all we could do was laugh! The sun seemed to be 3 times as hot yesterday... dont know why! As in, boiling lava hot! When we arrived to the first appointment i looked like i had just gotten out of the shower... sick! And the best part is that the sister we went to visit wasnt home! The next two appointments were tho so its all good. We got fed cake at the 2nd which made us all feel a little better. Then at the last we got fed dinner. This really helped with our kulang energy. Those pour ward missionaries... haha. I love them!

Scripture of the week... Alma 7. We taught a lesson and focused on developing Christlike Attributes as members of the church to continue on our journey after baptism. Our goal is to be like Christ in the end so we must work on becoming like Him in this life. We did the Christlike attribute activity in Preach My Gospel (last page of ch 6). I invite you all to do it and see where you can improve and then this week study that attribute in the scriptures and work on developing that attribute! Im working on patience this week :)

i love you all so much!

Gugma Gad!

Sister Jones

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