Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Monday, June 20, 2011

3rd to the last email!

Its getting really close huh!? Half this week we will be here in Calbayog and on Thursday thru Sat we will all be in Tacloban for one last final zone conference with the entire mission! Im excited to be able to see everyone right before i leave. President Malit and his family will leave a few days before we do. He is really sad but he is being such a great example to all of us! I love him and his family very very much!

This last week we had one of those difficult weeks... no one being home or too busy! But we kept going! There is no end to missionary work!

We had interviews this week. It was great! Of course i cried like a baby... Its a difficult time. Then after we had a fireside with the branch with President Malit. He told some stories and then did a question and answer thing. Super funny questions. It was great. Then after he took us 8 missionaries, plus the 2 Assistants out to dinner. We ate at the hotel he stayed at. It was so nice! Nicer than some hotels in America (if i remember correctly). The food was delicious. President Malit is so good to all of us!

So my companion, Sister Manzano, whom i love so so so so much!, reminds me of Kimmy from Missouri (Fanny Farkle). The way she looks and then sometimes she makes faces or just acts like Kim. She is the filipina version of Kimmy :)

Every Sunday night we teach an english conversational class. Its so much fun! The members are so funny! We did skits last night using phrases we taught. They love acting so it was super funny.

One of the cutest things happened this week while we were walking around... The little kids are always saying, "Americana!, Americana!" Well one kid said that and then a girl, maybe 10 yrs old, replied. "Dili siya americana! Dili siya nakahibalo sa english! waray waray la." Translated that is, she isnt american, she doesnt know english, just waray :) It made my day! Sister Manzano and i couldnt stop laughing. I finally did it! I became a filipina!! SUCCESS!!

We've had some less actives come to church and families make temple goals. It brings me so much joy i cant even describe. Im getting super close to all the people in the branch... it will be so hard to leave them!

Earlier today we took an adventure with a bunch of branch missionaries. We went to the waterfalls. First off, i asked if the way was difficult... they responded no... but they had no idea! Plus we wore tennis shoes... dili pwd! We had to take the shoes off and one of the elders carried them for Sister Manzano and I while we went barefoot. The path consisted of an hour and a half hike of mud, and balancing on a 3 in wide cement thing, crossing rice fields, etc. An adventure to say the least. Luckily the falls were beautiful and we were able to rest and feel the freshness of nature... then an hour and half hour hike back to the highway. Its one of those really good experiences that you are glad you did but you would do it again on the mission. :)

Scripture of the week...1 Nephi 3:15. Im not done yet!

Naghigugma ko sa iyo ngatanan!

Sister Jones

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