Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 6, 2011

Sorry i wasnt able to say more last week... this will be much better...

Ok so first off Heavenly Father must really love me! Im feeling a little spoiled!! I couldnt ask for a better way to end my mission... seriously!

My companion is Sister Manzano, which is my apo (grandchild) in the mission! Tapos, Sister Larsen (who i trained and who trained S. Manzano) also lives with us. And my last companion, Sister Quimson, is the companion of Sister Larsen. Us 4 are having such a blast together. Its different living with more people but the 4 of us work really good cause none of us are caddy. Sister Manzano is so good at learning languages and we are learning really fast together. the language is Waray waray but the Waray waray here is much different than the Waray2x i learned in Tacloban. Its so fun to learn language after language after language! A really growing experience! I truly love every minute of it! The weather is hot and rainy... nothing too different :)

We are all in Calbayog in the same branch along with 4 elders... so 8 missionaries total in one branch! When i first got here on my mission there were no sister missionaries in Samar. About my 4th transfer they opened Mondragon for sisters. Us being assigned in Calbayog is the 2nd sister area in Samar. Im really excited to be able to serve here because many sister never get the chance to see Samar. Us sisters have been given a special assignment. We strictly do reactivation and retention. Their are many members here but MANY less active. They have been a district for so long when other areas around that started at the same time have grown into big stakes. President Malit really wants to help them become a Ward and Stake so that is why we are here :) The 4 elders teach all investigator and then us 4 sisters strengthen the members and bring back less actives. Its a whole new ballpark of missionary work but im really loving it! We've had to change all our goals around which we have had lots of fun doing.

We had a good week. The members are great about working with us! Thank goodness kay we would never be able to find our way in some of the barangays. Some of the branch missionaries are like full time missionaries. Such great teaching skills and testimonies... they blow me away! Ive also already gained a little boyfriend in the branch. He is 2 and his name is Yehosheua (no he cant say his own name... i hardly can!). He sat with me all during church... well he didnt sit the whole time. But then after church he grabbed my finger and dragged me to the door and said we had to go home now. When he found out that we werent going to their house he threw a little fit... how cute! He is the grandson of the district president.

We have had such a great time visiting people.... lots and lots of good laughs! One day we went to the bukid (we didnt realize the family we chose to visit lived in the bukid). Bukid means mountain. It had rained earlier that day so the mud was nice and fresh. Its difficult to balance on logs and scurry up and down muddy hills in plastic shoes. Which, by the way, ive already walk a whole in these pairs of shoes and ive only had them more 3 months! Anything... back to the bukid... we finally arrive to the house... seriously SO far. By the time we shared a message it was dark. That trail was ten times harder! We all had our cell phone flashlights and two of the sons of the family followed us out. Sister Manzano and i both fell... i ripped my skirt really good!! When we got out all we could do was first breathe and then laugh! :) Thats not the end... we waited for a ride on the hwy... none... so we began walking. One hour later we arrived at our next appointment... of course late so we rescheduled and went to the last appointment (which was one of those tender mercy lessons!). Im so glad i had Sister Manzano by my side!

Well i love you all. The scripture of the week is Jacob 2. Sister Manzano shared it in our companionship study today and i remembered how much i like that chapter!

Gugma ora2x,

Sister Carissa Jones

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