Mission Call

Mission Call

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Monday, June 7, 2010

MAY 24 2010

Pics arent working again... sorry :(

This week was full of ups and downs like always. My language is improving slowly... im determined to not be that missionary that comes home and never learned the language! My companion, S. Taperla, says im getting better so thats good. I really wish i had a language study hour but S. Taperla wants to go out and work at 10 so i just try to cram it in at night or if we come home to take a nap i just study while S. Taperla sleeps.

A few highlights of the week...

Tuesday we went to a members house around lunch time and there were tons of fiestas going on. After teaching we went with them to one of the fiestas for lunch. It was super yummy and they feed you so much food at fiestas. The fiestas are to celebrate saints... so its a catholic thing. And we love people of all religions and respect them... especially when food is involved :) On our way back to the members house some of their neighbors insisted that we join... pretty sure it was because there was an american... me. We all laughed and decided to eat again! We were so stuffed by the end and couldnt believe we just attended two fiestas back to back... WOW!
That night i taught a cool lesson from Mormon 9:31 to an awesome girl in our ward! We were just talking with her about trials and such and this scripture popped into my head so i turned our casual talking into a lesson... it was neat and I really felt the Spirit.
Thursday was a very very long day but awesome! We did so much teaching and i was able to push through and teach effectively. We walked SO much that day! From 4 to 9 we were constantly on the move. We taught lots of families and met some great less active families that we hadnt met yet. We hiked out to the bukid to visit this lady we met the other week and she ended up not being home so we were super tired when we arrived home. We walked most of the way home barefoot because it just felt nice. It was at least a 3-4 mile walk! The next day we found out that two girls later that night had been killed in the exact area we were walking through (but later in the evening, past our curfew when we are already in our house). We felt blessed and we always feel protected. This is the work of God... and as we are obedient and diligent we missionaries are protected!
Friday was a difficult day... most of our appointments fell through but we never stopped going! We walked a ton that day just from house to house of people we knew trying to find people to teach. The night ending with a nice dinner at Pres. Ang's house and hey, at least we got lots of exercise in!
I dont know if ive mentioned it yet but there is a guy in the branch that is 45 and has crushes on all the americana missionaries. So, thats me now. Its awkward at times and S. Taperla is starting to notice how he will always move from where he is and sit by me. It isnt to a point where he is crossing a line so im ok for now. I just hope he keeps his distance so i wont have to be transferred from this area soon. He is a good member and really helps with the missionary efforts and everyone knows that he is like that with the americanas so im safe. S. Taperla and i get a good laugh about it sometimes and other times i just want to punch him... haha.
Yesterday, Sunday was good. Sacrament meeting attendance went up to 48 and we made lots of visits. A few families we were really expecting to be there werent there so that was sad but we have appts to visit them all this week so we will try again!
Im excited for this week... number one: to work and teach and become a better missionary... and two: we have zone conference on wednesday! I love seeing and hearing what President Malit has to say to us. He is the best ever!

I love you all and you are always in my prayers!! Remember to learn all you can!... Scripture of the week... 3 Nephi 27:26.

Sister Carissa Jones

P.S. Tell Kristin if she hasnt written me yet im going to have to beat her!!... and that goes for Kyle as well!!!!

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