Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Monday, June 7, 2010

May 17 2010... to all

This week was actually pretty dang slow! We got punted tons but our main saying is "No effort is wasted!"... Sister Taperla and I had to say it a lot to each other.. hehe...
As you can see i didnt get transferred... we are still in Naval, which i was super happy about. Im not ready to leave this place!

We did have a giant service project on saturday. It was national service day for the church so all over the Philippines we were walking around wearing cute, bright yellow vests cleaning. We took down all the political posters and such since election is over. The way they campaign is much different... no yards equals no yard signs (hehe)... so there are papers and banners stuck to all the walls all over the streets. We had a good time as a branch and had a yummy lunch!!

Im getting better at teaching and just spitting things out in cebuano. There are times where i truly feel the Spirit take over and help me speak with ease and without question. The words just roll from my mouth. Its true... the words and things you study will come to you at the exact time you need them through the Holy Ghost! Its awesome!

Every third sunday the missionaries in this branch talk so... we got talk! YAY! I talk on service and fulfilling our callings. As we serve one another we are greatly blessed! Make sure you are doing your calling to God's expectations. Also, please do visiting teaching and home teaching... that is one thing we are really trying to get the members to do and really struggling with. It is so important and you will be so much improvement in the ward if everyone works together and does their visits!

I lied last week... it gets up to like 115 at least during the day. I took my temp thing out with us one day... RIDICULOUS! All the sweating is really helping my lose weight. I put on my jeans to do service on sat and they wont even stay up! I didnt realize i had lost that many inches in my waist! SAWEET!... no worries... im not like deathly skinny by any means!

I really dont have much at all to say and my pics arent loading on this comp so sorry... they will have to wait till next week.

But the scripture of the week is Moroni 9:25-26... Keep your chin up!

Sister Jones

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