Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7, 2010

Well everybody... here is my weeks events and thoughts...

Monday we committed Albert Fermin to be baptized on June 19th! He is so excited!!

We had an incredibly lesson with a lady we've been teaching for 2 months, Arlyn. She is awesome and has some difficult trials. We made a deep connection with her and she really opened up to us. We all cried a bit and we verbally told her how much we love her and i know that she really knows that we do. She thanked us and i felt for a moment what our Heavenly Father feels for all of us. He REALLY loves us... and to feel that love for someone else is the most amazing feeling ive ever felt! He wants us to return to Him so bad! Help Him to achieve His purpose/goal by making sure you will return to Him.

Thursday was a difficult day... I felt like i knew nothing and my companion was very frustrated with me. Avoid contention with everything you got. My mission president told me a great thing in my interview... Contention happens when two people think they are right and the other is wrong... but if just one stepped down and simply just apologized no contention would exist. Be the first to apologize even if you know you are right... eliminate contention. Trust me, blessings will come to those that do so!

Friday was AWESOME! I felt very blessed after thurs being so difficult. Interviews were awesome and i learned lots about Charity and Love in our training from our ZL's. The rest of the day was great too. Sister Taperla and I were really united and had the Spirit when we taught! We spent some time going around trying to meet people and had lots of fun talking with everyone. We met a Korean through this girl that always says hi to us. He has been here a year and doesnt speak well cebuano so we were about equal. He didnt understand a few things i said so maybe i am getting this language! hehe. I also had my first halo-halo on Friday! Its like a specialty dessert here. Its ice cream and crushed ice and all sorts of other toppings... mine had coconut, jackfruit, jello, corn, beans, frosted flakes, and a few other things. It was tasty! Never thot to put corn or beans in a dessert but hey... it was yummy! Our dinner appt fell thru so we went to the BBQ Haun... YUM! What a good good day!

Saturday we had a big FHE at a members house (the Fermin Family... which is the family of Albert). A bunch of things happened that were unexpected and S. Taperla got frustrated and turned to me at the last minute and told me to teach cause she didnt have the Spirit. At first i was frustrated cause here was 30 people, i didnt have a plan and i cant speak cebuano all that well. But after 22.7 seconds what Andrew said to me right before going into the MTC came to my mind... "This is a good thing... This is a good thing..." I changed my attitude and decided to make it a good learning experience! It went really well and Sister Jamin helped me explain the scripture i shared more deeply. I shared 3 Nephi 18:21-22... so that is the scripture of the week. I know that family prayer and FHE (meeting together often) is so important and we all should strive to be better at these things! I know it isnt always easy but try... If you put forth the effort, Heavenly Father will give you strength that you didnt realize that you had! PROMISE!!

Sunday we had great attendance... 55! And 4 investigators! We were very happy!

This week we have lots planned!!... Saturday a big branch activity and Sunday the Cebu Temple decication!! We are so lucky to be able to watch it!

I love you all and hope all is well!!

Gugma-Sister Jones

P.S. Tell Kristin that i got her email and i love her and will write her a handwritten letter tonight and send it tomorrow. And to Carson... i sent the mass email to him every week but it usually gets sent back as delivery failed.. but only to him. Does he have a new email or something? I just dont want him to think i send it to everyone but him... cause i send it to him!

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