Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Monday, May 3, 2010

CJ's Email May 3rd, 2010

Ok so i just wrote an email with pics and it got lost... i dont know what happened... So this version will be short... sorry!
We had interviews with President Malit, which were amazing. I love Pres. Malit!! He got me really pumped for the work and reminded me that i have been called to do this work! He is the best and really loves us! I also got weighed by Sister Malit. I weigh 109.5 so ive lost 5 lbs. and my blood pressure was low but im still alive so its all good!
Zone reactivation in Caibiran was good but the ride was long and on the back of a motorbike so my hip flexors got their workout for the year. And the bar that you put your feet on vibrates... not a good massage vibrate... so my feet were irritated and throbbing by the time we got back!
OH and remember how last week my arms were sore from washing all my clothes... yeah... that night i couldnt sleep cause they were throbbing so bad! Im gonna come back with the strongest forearms ever!! whoot whoot
Rosalina will be baptized on May 8th... we are super excited! She is great. She was late for church, so i was worried we were going to have to postpone but then she showed like she always does. LOVE HER!
Had a small earthquake on saturday. I was in the bathroom and was like no way... i must be imagaining it... then a member told us that we had had one and it was the same time i thought i had felt it... CRAZY!
We got punted a lot this week so we didnt think we would meet our goal of 20 lessons to less actives/recent converts/members but we worked hard and long the last three days and accomplished our goal! Last night (sunday) we were exhausted becasue of our constant go go go! We went to a members house... thinking it was a dinner appt cause they always feed us when we go over at that time. We sat and sat and had even gone and gotten a recent convert that is new to the area to get to know some people in the branch... Well no food so at 9 we headed home. We walked... which we didnt think was possible cause our legs were seriously dead. I felt like i couldnt pick my legs up... We just kept saying press forward! Finally a motor came once we got to our street so we road the short distance to our balay. The shower and bed was very very nice! So this inspires the scripture for the week... Alma 8:19-20... Please offer to feed the missionaries when you see them!... Love you all!

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