Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Carissa's Email 4/18/2010

Hi mom... glad you got you email in before i left... i was just finishing andrews email and you sent yours! I love you SO MUCH! I hope you know that that will never change!

So im writing you a handwritten letter so i will have to save a few things so i have something to hand write... sorry that this wont be as good as the other weeks.

Here are some monumental events of the week..

1. Got a flat tire coming back from zone conference with the assistants (E.Manarang and E.Cruz) and of course it was pouring rain!

2. Got stuck out in the bukid at a members house without a ride... and it took 1 hour to get a motorcycle to drive by and pick us up... We just looked like little hitch-hikers out there on the side of the road

3. I killed a cockroach... actually im getting quite good at it! hehe

4. For the first time since ive been out here, i was mocked. A man came to a door where we were teaching cause he heard there was an Americana (it gets out fast with all the little kids around). I tried telling him what i was doing there... teaching about Christ... he just laughed and kept saying things in cebuano cause he knew i didnt understand. He said the word "uyab" which i know... its girlfriend or boyfriend. He was telling me that he wanted me to be his girlfriend. Sister Taperla stepped in and told him to stop mocking me and said i was a representative of Christ and he was being very disrespectful. She was so mad... im glad i have a companion that looks out and cares for me. The man continued to say things and just laugh at me... It was humiliating but im ok now!

5. And most of all... i embraced the culture... i was out about and had to go to the bathroom... i forgot my toilet paper... i said well, guess its better now than ever... i let go of my cares... i wiped with my hand... and most importantly with the correct hand! The left! I think i could officially call myself a Filipina now!!

Zone conference was absolutely amazing but i will hand write the things i learned there. I was figuring it out and if we were to write letters back and forth and you only write every time you get a letter you would only write 12-14 letters. Cause it would only be once a month or so... I hope im making sense... like i write, you get it 2 weeks later and write and i get it 2 weeks later so that is a month from when i wrote the first one... yeah? thats not bad... that makes the time seem so short!!

Well you are always in my prayers... and do you know how much i love you mom? Its beyond measure!

Gugma Gyud

Your very sweaty daughter!

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