Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Carissa's Email 4/25/2010

I sure do miss you too! When we talk it will be monday here for me yes. Im not sure how it works or when it will be with the time difference. It will have to be in the morning i would think cause that is sunday night for you. I have interviews with president tomorrow so i will ask him and let you know next monday. I will ask about the skype thing as well! That would be cool!
Yeah that wiping thing... its definitely hard to wrap your head around! But honestly when you are here and you know everyone else does it, it makes it easier, haha. And of course you can put that on my blog! Let the world know, haha. Anything i say other than the really personal things are ok to put on the blog. Does dad hate me? Im sure he is just busy but i havent heard from him these last two weeks. Let him know that i love him! Give him a big hug for me!
Glad you are still watching prison break... its something like the OC that you can watch over and over! Im still hoping that they bring it back on air!!! Its possible!

Yay for workout! I got to go running today! I havent ran in a month so it was scary... like i said... you will for sure be in better shape than me when i get home!
I cant believe you just got that letter! Maybe they sent them out later than expected. I sent a letter last tuesday (the 19th) so we will see how long it takes.
Oh how i miss grandma! a lot!! Ill have to come back and beat her at rummi! hehe... Glad you were able to spend time with her! That would be cool if they were there on mothers day!
Man it just sounds like you are staying super busy! THe EQ party sounded fun!! and im glad dad will be home more soon!! I think that will help with things with Garrett too. Primary sounds like fun... haha. Just love the kids and help them to have fun and feel love. That will keep them wanting to come back to church and establish a good habit. It reminds me of a talk given in the sat morning session this last conference. It was about getting the kids to stand strong and be on the right path before the advasary is able to come and tempt them.
About things i need or want... nothing as of now and i dont want you to have to send me much cause its so expensive. The only things i can think of for the future would be isagenix shake and more of those journals. If you cant find the exact same ones ill just buy some here but if i had all the same ones that would be cool. So only if you find the exact same ones you bought before! I just finished one of them... yeah, i write a lot i guess.
I do love the food. I eat prob the same as i would there. I am careful when we are eating at poorer peoples houses but usually when we are invited for a meal they are wealthier members. I snack on a lot of little things... Sister Malit will weigh us during interviews tomorrow so we will see if ive lost or gained...
Well im trying to think of the new adventures this week... hmm...
-We are finding some investigators and Sister Taperla taught me how to get referrals! She is awesome! We got a few referrals from members so contacted them and while contacting them we asked for referrals and then would go contact them and get referrals... Sister Taperla didnt take no for an answer. She just kept asking, who is your classmate? who does your husband work with? etc etc... We found a really cool investigator during this process. His name is Wilson Alejandre. He is half white... his father got his mother pregnant while being over here for military stuff. His mother worked at a bar so yeah... he was adopted by the owner of the bar but then died so now Wilson lives on his own. He is the 'bad boy' type but man is he prepared. He asked tons of questions about repentance during our first discussion. He is excited for us to come back and he says he will have more questions. We are really hoping things go good with Wilson!!
-We will most likely have our first baptism this coming saturday. Her name is Rosalina. She is unable to walk but she faithfully rides to church every sunday! She loves church and really desires to always follow the Savior. It's hard for me to understand her cause of her handicap and my handicap in the language but she loves shaking and holding my hand... she is adorable.
-I walked like a billion kilometers this week... we decided we need to manage our pasahey money better so we are walking lots! I like it tho!
-This week i had my most favorite meal yet! And apparently its a meal that really poor people eat because its so cheap... GO POOR PEOPLE! Its squash and these leaves (not sure what kind) cooked in coconut milk! Oh SO YUMMY! Its served over rice... of course, duh! We bought stuff so we can make it at our home! YAY!
-We ate at our branch presidents house this week (Pres. Sacedor) and i really liked what they fed us. It was really simple... fish, chicken and eggs all cooked together... served over rice! The presidents family is really great! They are so kind and patient with me and my language. Their daughter Mariel Jaika is the cutest girl ive seen! She is 14 i think... she always smiles so big at me and helps me with the language.
-Last night we ate at Albert Ang's house. Him and his 12-14 yr old son are members. They have one of the nicer houses in Naval. They alwasy feed us lots of yummy food! We eat there once a week usually. Last night we played some fun games and sand hymns which was really fun. And i taught a short lesson on a spur of the moment scripture. The Spirit really guided me and helped me with my language. I was extremely happy! Most members dont specifically have us over for dinner. Only with about 3 different families will they invite us to eat if we are there during lunch or dinner hours. We usually go home for lunch and just eat something for dinner when we get home at night. We take snacks or by things at tindahans on the street if we get hungry between lunch and going home at night.
-It gets light very early! I wake up without fail at 5-5:30 every day cause its already light. I definitely go back to sleep for that last hour tho. Becasue it gets light early it get dark early so our day ends at 8 usually. People are going to bed close after 8 so thats why we wait to eat dinner then usually.
-The weird thing that i ate this week was a fish head... yep... thats right... a fish head! Eyeballs and everything. Elder Matheney and Sister Lemmon told me to just imagine its a potato chip. That helped, it tasted like a fish flavored potato chip.
-Washed my clothes all by myself for the first time today. Sister Taperal usually does my clothes and i just wash my garments but S. Taperal was too tired today. It took me a legit 3 and a half hours to wash 7 sets of garments, 3 skirts, 3 shorts, and 10 shirts... My arms are very sore right now and i cant even imagine how they will feel tomorrow!!
-The mosquitos just cant get enought of me... My legs are super ugly right now...
-The language is coming along. Some days are good and some are rough! As i trust in the Lord and just try, He helps me say what i need to say. It's such a comfort and is what keeps me going. I wish i could just remember everything and was catching on quicker but i think because im having to put so much effort and time into this language it will mean so much more and stick better in the long run! I continue in hope and faith and i hope you all do too!
-Scripture of the week... 2 Nephi 28:30
Sorry my camera thing isnt working today for some reason so i cant send pics but i will try again next week!
I love you soooo much mom! Keep being the best mom ever!
Your Daughter

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