Mission Call

Mission Call

Dropping CJ off at the MTC!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Carissa's Email 4 Weeks in the MTC

Week Upat!
So here are a few of my adventures during week four of the MTC stay. If i had time i would write most of it in cebuano but i have 12 min so im sorry. I will tell more stories in the letters i write home later today that you can share with others! And ill write more personally in those!

1. Naghigugma ko ninyo! (I love you all!)
2. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are now just called food or meals... we dont decifer which is which cause its usually just a huge blur! We are content with that tho.
3. Im learning some cantonese... who woulda thought i would learn multiple languages here! SAWEET! I learned the most awesomest word yesterday... It the word for inactive member... I cant spell it but its increadibly long and i will record myself saying it and send it to you.
4. Our new sisters in the branch are wonderful! Very funny girls! They are all state side. There are 4 of them! But they will leave before we do...
5. I met janice kapp perry!!!! She spoke at relief society and sang this sunday. Then we got to meet her afterwards. I talked to her for a few min and it was awesome. It reminded me of when i was little listening and singing her songs with mom!! And at andrews baptism i think we sang one. So many sweet memories!
6. I get lots of exercise around the residency because we have a wheelchair that sits outside our room. My arms are getting BUFF! whoot whoot! ha... seriously, no joke!
7. Sis Phillips (who brings medicine) continues to amaze me... On sunday she brought us sisters camping toliet paper that i guess is really hard to find. She is going to stock us up for the Philippines. And her story to us last night was how she ran for bishop when they split her ward. SO FUNNY! She made posters and everything! What a hoot!
8. I learned how to be really effective at making study plans! Im really really excited about that! I feel like i can get so much more done and stay on task. What a blessing!
9. Tell mark and peggy i LOVED their dear elder! It made me laugh and feel so good. Im glad peggy was able to have fun learning about her graphing calculator! ha.
10. Tell grandma that her letter and story was so fun to get! I LOVE HER MORE!! Im glad you got to spend time with her mom. And its ok if you win cause as of now she is up on my by two!
11. Really cool scripture. 1 John 1:7. This explains how we can access the atonement. We must WALK by him. We do this through repenting. Look into it and read Alma 22. THat is one cool conversion story that i had our district read in book of mormon study yesterday!

I love you and am praying for you!
Sister Carissa Jones

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